Friday, March 20, 2015

GBS Friday

I've been off my game most of last week and all of this week.

Husbando~'s been extremely sick, you see.

 photo gbs1_zps69fdlu0r.png

Even though that is a real live actual factual thing said to me by him, I'm being a little shitty, because he's actually been quite a bit sicker than that. They actually had to put me on a compliment of drugs to keep me from dragging his disease and pestilence to work. (I work with children in the public schools, and some of my homies have severe medical needs, so I was sweating bullets.)

Point being, caring for him hasn't left me with much time, but I miss you all, so. Let's talk and enjoy shitty art together. What have you been doing?

I've been playing Captain Toad Treasure Tracker. It's kind of perfect for my current situation because I can play it a little bit at a time. Also, Captain Toad? You guys, Captain Toad. I love that tubby little bastard. I'm also madly in love with Toadette, she's my new favorite Mario homie.

We call the game Captain Toad's Fat Stacks over here.

The Mario Party amiibos come out tomorrow! Who's ready? Who's hunting? I'm going after work! I want a Toad. They only made the non-ranking Toad (so far!), but I still want him, because he is deeply presh.

I imagine there's three types of people who will be hunting tomorrow.

 photo gbs2_zpsos3kzosz.png

1. Me, and similar nerds.

 photo gbs3_zpsm6n9bcyu.png

2. Real children.

 photo gbs4_zpshv1il1mk.png

3. The actual Internet.

That's the best Pinkie Pie, Mountain Dew and fedoras I can draw.

I heard that (Mario Party 10 spoiler, if there is such a thing} Toadette is unlockable. I'm hoping there's a wave 2 with Toadette in it. I will bowl motherfuckers over to get my Toadette amiibo. I'll bowl you all over like it was fucking Ness. Speaking of, believe right now that I will cut a motherfucker for Ness.

I went looking for Mass Effect news for us to all enjoy, but there is none! Apparently Bioware announced recently that they'll be announcing the ME4 release date and showing hella footage at E3, but that's not news. I could have told you that. I could have told you that by pulling it out of my ass. Hey, I bet Nintendo shows off Zelda footage too. I bet Microsoft shows off a cover shooter. I bet GameExplain releases a video 15 minutes later talking about the dancer in the cover shooter.

I did find this cool Mass Effect video, please enjoy:

I'm super exited for Splatoon. It was at PAX East, but I can't find much information on it! That's so weird. Enjoy this little scrap, I guess.

I know this is dumb, but I'm excited to customize my squid girl. I usually don't care about that sort of stuff. In Animal Crossing, I just want a non-ugly shirt and then I wash my hands of it.

Finally, bunnies, because bunnies are the best thing ever.


  1. Wait, my love for Mt Dew and Pinkie Pie is ok because I'm a girl right? RIGHT?!? *fret*

    Seriously though I hope your hubs feels better soon. The flu is nothing to fool with.

  2. Amiibo good art #3 portrays me accurately as a sloppy Amish gamer.