Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Leviathan: Leviathan

And so, we finally come face to face with Leviathan.

 photo lev165_zpsd2aa40f3.png

 photo lev167_zps1e4f99a8.png

Leviathan then sends Shepard to some place that looks exactly like the place where Link meets Dark Link in Ocarina of Time.

What? What. Look at this shit, deny it:

 photo watertemple_lake_zps3adaae05.jpg

Okay, the Leviathan area might be bluer, but still, damn, look at it.

PS, when I was searching for that, do you know how much, and I quote, "Dark Link x Reader" porn came up? JFC Internet.

 photo lev168_zpsb7411134.png

Leviathan appears to Shepard and cycles through the form of Ann Bryson, Dr. Bryson, and Dr. Bryson's assistant. Why those three characters? I don't think Leviathan ever even posessed Dr. Bryson. If you're in the deepest recesses of Shepard's head, wouldn't Garrus or Joker or whatever be talking to her?

I think the answer is that Bioware couldn't reliably tell who would be dead or alive by the time you hit Leviathan, so they picked some NPCs instead of risking it.

 photo lev169_zps0bdf4cd2.png

This is, by the way, the part where I talk about keeping all of Leviathan's dialogue in tact, but there is a ton. I've edited it down this time.

 photo lev170_zps868c7851.png

 photo lev171_zpsc9c8f112.png

 photo lev172_zps45922444.png

 photo lev173_zpse03718ee.png

 photo lev174_zpsb70a60b1.png

Back in the diving mech, now Shepard has a nosebleed, because she's in an anime and has an erection I guess.

Let us now attend to the origin of Leviathan.

And maybe the origin of some other Mass Effect stuff.

 photo lev175_zps2bbe5c3a.png

 photo lev176_zps555371ca.png

 photo lev177_zps7ac959e2.png

... wait, that sounds --

Aside from the Morning War, and also EDI, I'm pretty sure I've yelled about this before.

 photo lev178_zps0c39b092.png

 photo lev179_zpsc1cb1447.png

I'm not sure which drawing I like better, the big eyed baby reaper or the big eyed baby reaper drawing the knife on Leviathan.

 photo lev180_zps5bf3ff40.png

... I really love that we took the time to connect all of this to Mass Effect 2.

 photo lev181_zps2b1456dd.png

 photo lev182_zpsd60c9ae6.png

 photo lev183_zps1c9cf25d.png

... valid point.

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