Friday, December 5, 2014

Leviathan: My Experiment

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So Leviathan's going to fight. Why? To protect the galaxy? For the greater good of organic life? Perhaps for the preservation of all things moral and cultural?

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Naw, it's just because Leviathan has an ego alllllllmost as big as Shepard.

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Anyway, let's literally jet on out of here.

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Once ashore, some brutes roll up on Shepard.

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Buuuuuuuut she's got the bends pretty bad, so that's a thing.

 photo lev191_zps34a47c95.png

 photo lev192_zps3931c1e5.png

Hold the hell on, are they ... punching each other? The hell happened?

 photo lev193_zpsce54cd44.png

Ah! Gotcha, Leviathan's mind controlling them! Cool.

... as for the next part, do you remember when I said I was trying an experiment? The first time I played this section, I brought Garrus along, who stepped in:

 photo lev194_zpsd23be066.png

 photo lev196_zps2a447e87.png

Garrus helps you to the ship.

I was curious about this cut scene: does it only let your love interest carry you to the ship? Apparently not, Husbando~ said that Garrus carried him to the shuttle in his game. But what if Garrus isn't around?

That's why I brought Tali and Liara with me, I wanted to see what would happen if I brought the two physically weakest characters. Turns out:

 photo lev195_zps823d42b1.png

 photo lev197_zpsda8a4784.png

Exactly the same thing happens. I'm honestly impressed, I was half expecting the game to sub in Steve.

I can't figure out how the game determines who carries you back to the ship. Maybe it prioritizes love interests? I think the game keeps a running tally of who you're nice to (it ties into the ending), which would explain why Liara took me to the ship instead of Tali. But what if I was doing Steve? Would he take me back to the ship, then?

Anyway, Liara gets it done.

 photo lev198_zpsda306973.png

It's time to leave!

 photo lev199_zps44c4cdf0.png

 photo lev200_zps5631e192.png

But naw, Leviathan shoots the reaper out of the air.

 photo lev201_zps70f259f5.png

On the shuttle:

 photo lev202_zps829518fd.png

 photo lev203_zps112eac9c.png

What the hell did you think would happen, Liara?!

Famously, Garrus has a line here if you're doin' him that I hate:

 photo lev204_zps9b8c09e0.png

Next time will be comic books, requests in the comments will be considered.

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