Friday, November 28, 2014

MSPixel Black Friday Special!

Welcome to MSPixel's Black Friday special! You know my deal: I give you guys a double length MSPixel, and you promise to stay in and not get shot over a megacorporation's wish to see y'all shoot each other over 15% off.

Because legit, lock your door, you gon get shot.

 photo lev129_zpscbb249b6.png

I've gone three games and never depicted the squad select screen? That's sort of irresponsible of me, really.

 photo lev130_zps09fb7a19.png

I took Tali and Liara for this mission, instead of my usual brosquad. I was doing an experiment. I'll tell you more later.

 photo lev131_zps22bbd4fd.png

 photo lev132_zpscf9d8159.png

 photo lev133_zps0bc7b98a.png

Yeah, a random energy pulse just rolls up and whacks us sideways, sending us plummeting to the surface. Kind of. Does an all-ocean planet have a surface? Either way, Cortez kindly finds us a little landing pad.

 photo lev134_zpsa2dfeb72.png

oh yeah and also reaper troops roll up too

What can I say? They're looking for Leviathan as well.

We take care of them with incinerate. ... what do you think we do?!

 photo lev135_zpsbc15ffd9.png

 photo lev136_zps2d4dc76f.png

I was able to plonk enemies straight into the ocean, that was good times.

 photo lev137_zps144ce5c2.png

An unintended side effect of my experiment: Tali and Liara died once every, oh, three seconds. I had no idea how much I was relying on Garrus, dang.

 photo lev138_zpsb29098f0.png

 photo lev139_zpsddea527d.png

 photo lev140_zpsf7d10c7b.png

Kill enough baddies and Steve will call you over.

 photo lev141_zpsc08fafec.png

 photo lev142_zpsfb1a50a7.png

 photo lev143_zps9a245e4f.png

 photo lev144_zpsc8e4d594.png

 photo lev145_zps9188bf20.png

Cortez comes up with a plan to get the mech online: he's going to give Shepard batteries, and Shepard's going to get the batteries to the mech. Cortez kind of totally stole that plan from multiplayer, but we'll forgive him.

 photo lev146_zps9d918fbe.png

So get that mech online, and it's pretty good times.

 photo lev147_zpsd71121b4.png

Man, so I ran into a situation on the last leg of this level.

Tali and Liara had died, you know, again.

 photo lev148_zps8245a9c6.png

 photo lev149_zps269f2194.png

 photo lev150_zps744471a1.png

Back to Cortez.

 photo lev151_zps69197b14.png

 photo lev152_zpsec69c9ec.png

Leviathan gets compared a lot to Bioshock, but I think anything wet gets compared to Bioshock. Wet is kind of Bioshock's thing.

Exclusive Bioshock 4 screen shots:

Anyway, into the drink we go.

 photo lev153_zps056048f2.png

 photo lev155_zps30155db3.png

 photo lev156_zpsfe067cc5.png

 photo lev157_zps303c760a.png

 photo lev158_zpsfb29b8be.png

I'm glad we're doing an extra long MSPixel today, it gives me time to pull total bullshit.

The level here is simple enough: Shepard shoots little glowy probes, you walk toward them.

 photo lev159_zpsda1daba3.png

 photo lev160_zps54b0d82c.png

 photo lev161_zps12c14c61.png

No, but seriously.

 photo lev162_zpsba69b9af.png

Ha! We have fun here at MSPixel Headquarters. But really,

 photo lev163_zps129ae0b3.png

 photo lev164_zps49d1a58f.png

Next time, I'll make him talk!

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