Saturday, November 15, 2014

SATURDAY POST: My MSPaint Wishlist!

You guys! Let's have a good time talking about video games generally!

The deal Husbando~ and I made after E3 was that Christmas this year would consist of a refurb WiiU and some games. (Seriously, if you're not buying your systems refurb from Nintendo, you're spending too much.)

 photo bea2_zps52282592.png

 photo bea3_zps8b405890.png

... okay, so Husbando~ is very one-track minded about what video games he likes. The man plays Mario like it's uncut crack cocaine.

But for the rest of us, what's good on the WiiU? Or any system? Children, I think it's time we made a Christmas list. Hell, what if we MSPainted it?

I think it's time for -- !

 photo bea4_zpsb021bdcc.png

I'll draw the game, you get super sad when you figure out that I can't draw well enough for you to guess what it is!

 photo bea13_zpsed583f46.png

What? I said "any system," I think I should be allowed to put a Vita game on my list. I have a chronic Dangan Ronpa addiction, and I need Dangan Ronpa: Another Episode, children. I need it.

I know it's not out yet in the US, and I don't read Japanese at all, but you know what? It's Christmas, everyone gets at least one total pipe dream.

 photo bea11_zpscaedb58b.png

Let's talk about some other games that I want that aren't out yet.

 photo bea5_zps7ea5a06b.png

"Jesus Christ, Bean, you want that creepy squid girl game?" Hell yes I want Splatoon. It's kind of a tragedy every time I play co-op online (you could say it's the biggest, most awful, most tragic event in history if you're still stuck back up there at Dangan Ronpa), but this looks so fun that I can't help it. Besides, I'm looking forward to getting pissy with my friends over this game.

 photo bea6_zpsbb8aabc4.png

YOU GUYS! I thought Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker wasn't coming out next year, but I just found out it's hitting us on December 5th! This game is so cute that I can't stand it.

Okay, but real talk, let's look at some stuff that I might actually find under the tree:

 photo bea7_zps2b1e03cf.png

I'm 100% most looking forward to Hyrule Warriors. Seriously, I know this list is long, but if I got this and only this (and maybe a localization announcement on DR:AE), it'd be one of the best Christmases I've had in years.

By the way, what the hell is up with Link and his scarf? Did Pinterest just reach Hyrule?

 photo bea8_zps5a39922a.png

I'm such a shitty Mario Kart player. Driving games in general are just not for me. But we all saw that Link DLC, right? Yes please and thank you.

Besides, I like playing games with Husbando~ that are specifically designed to get me yelled at. Speaking of!

 photo bea9_zps179f5cff.png

Everyone wants Smash! I totally want Smash. Link has been my main since the 64 days, but I really like Robin. I kind of had a crisis when the 3DS version came out, not even kidding.

When I originally drew that, I accidentally drew my Robin from Fire Emblem in. Her name is Marcie, and she is better than the Smash Brothers character, no lie.

 photo bea10_zps97f56e4f.png

Everybody sit down, Earthbound is the real reason to own a WiiU. I still think that Earthbound plays better on an emulator, since you can speed up the battles, but after all this time and all the pain and suffering, if Nintendo's going to FUCKING FINALLY throw Earthbound some love, I've got no beef tossing them ten dolla.

Of course, if someone gets Super Mario Luigi World Brothers 3D Six Golden Coins Land Is Missing for Husbando~, I'm going to be playing on the thing on stolen time. Holy shit, I can't even keep up with all the Marios they've made, but Husbando~'s beaten them all.

(Except Lost Levels. The shit I give him over Lost Levels? Is constant.)

Is there anything else that would distract him long enough to let me get my Earthbound on?

 photo bea12_zpsde1eaa8d.png

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