Friday, October 7, 2016

Mass Effect's Ending: Circus Chord

We wake up, and we see the true final enemy of the Mass Effect series.

Wait, fuck.

We done hecked up, hold on.

You know, if I keep pulling baddies out of my hat, we never get to the true ending. We could just stay in this loop, couldn't we? The trilogy wouldn't ever end ...

"Bean, in addition to this being a brilliant stall, are you making a statement about how important an iconic final guy is to a series?"

What? I'm not that smart, don't give me that much credit.

Maybe give me a little credit.

... fine, I guess I have to end it some day. Here is the final enemy of the Mass Effect series, really for true.

(Technically he's the Intelligence, but you're never going to hear him called that. If you think he looks familiar, you're right.)

Yeahso circus chord. That's the trilogy, kids. Who's looking forward to Andromeda again?

A joke for old nerds. But forreal:

Remember, when this first came out, no one knew what this horse shit was.

1 comment:

  1. God damn this mass effect 3 run has been going on longer than the 2 years Miranda spent stitching rarity's cutiemark into shepard's asshole.

    May we find a way to keep this baby chuggin ONE MORE YEAR!