Friday, October 28, 2016

Mass Effect's Ending: I Want More Information

I swear in the original cut I remember Anderson's face (and two other faces that we'll get to in a second) flashing on the screen when the Star Child referred to the endings. It isn't in the extended. I don't know if I'm misremembering or they took it out.

In the extended cut, Shepard can ask the Star Child to expand on each ending that he introduces.

So sure, what the fuck, explain this train wreck.

Do you see the hole in the Star Child's argument?

Bioware has actually come out and said that they did not expect people to import saves -- particularly from across all three games, but even from ME2 to ME3. You more or less have to import a save to get peace between the geth and the quarians.

... so on the one hand, I see why maybe they thought that the Star Child would think like he did, but on the other, Bioware did not plan for this inevitability. Nerds to Bioware: ey yo, the variables have changed.

... actually, that's a pretty good plot hole right there, the Star Child should have been deeply aware that something happened to Carl. Maybe he didn't give enough of a shit to investigate?

Oh thank you, I need some clarification on this. Like, why won't this melt Shepard and make her all crazy like Brother TIM? Or, what good does controlling the reapers do? Is she just supposed to drive them into a black hole? Why is that any better than destroying them? Does she control them forever, or just, like, fifteen minutes? Or --


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  1. Bioware didn't expect people to import their games? In their trilogy of games that was specifically marketed as having that incredibly cool feature? Have they never talked to their own fanbase?

    Did anyone NOT import characters? That would be an insane way to play the ME trilogy.