Friday, April 22, 2016

London: Mass Effect Crystal Chronicles

 photo las225_zpsjgg11hmw.png

So anyway, I love anything teeny in the Mass Effect universe, and the little holograms are the cutest.

 photo las226_zps82759j8k.png

 photo las227_zpsbmtpo1n2.png

 photo las228_zpsughjn8ln.png

 photo las229_zpsncujnnt9.png

Oh you fucking enjoy that MSPaint destroyer. MSPixel is magical when it comes to this kind of garbage.

 photo las230_zps8zwnwzeo.png

 photo las231_zps9oqbozky.png

 photo las232_zpsewnowwwo.png

 photo las233_zpstijxmcx8.png

 photo las234_zps9bdyxxe3.png

 photo las235_zpsne2jieyq.png

 photo las236_zpsdmbpfbjq.png

 photo las237_zpsajsmpnwh.png

 photo las238_zps77astkwc.png

 photo las239_zpsuwfr4byc.png

 photo las240_zpsztdk0msv.png

 photo las241_zpsoyretyqt.png

 photo las240_zpsztdk0msv.png

 photo las242_zpsvuv9fxcr.png

 photo las240_zpsztdk0msv.png

 photo las243_zpsdemjstvm.png

I did consider drawing it, but on occasion, I have mercy.