Friday, April 1, 2016

London: No, Really

(Hey, happy April 1st! This isn't a prank: watch this space, if I can get everything working, I'll have a present for you this evening. Let's meet at 8 PM. You can watch Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr if that makes you happier.)

Anyway, Shepard was picking her way through some English debris last we left her.

 photo apr1_zpsemxbhq5v.png

Yes, someone.

Anyway, we were talking to squadmates, right?

 photo apr2_zpsuqxgjbrw.png

What? What, that's the Warden, that's the squadmate that we're talking to on today, this glorious April 1st.

(Yo, Dragon Age Origins spoilers ahead.)

 photo apr3_zpsdurlmo1j.png

 photo apr4_zpsgmnxaskw.png

Anyone who's read this blog long enough probably figured out that I laid in the floor and shit kittens when I found out how Dragon Age Origins ended.

 photo apr5_zpsp5i32lje.png

 photo apr6_zps69w2fdss.png

 photo apr7_zps9cgzuhjm.png

In all seriousness, there's a fan theory that Liara and Shepard were doin the diddle in that cut scene, and Liara winds up pregnant. These are people who don't understand that Liara isn't anywhere approaching old enough to have children.

 photo apr8_zpsrdjlxacv.png

Anyway, on to the next squadmate.

 photo apr9_zpsvh28znck.png

That's the best protagonist from Jade Empire I got. April fools, I can't draw.

(PS, spoilers for Jade Empire ahead.)

 photo apr10_zpsklbbjzxw.png

 photo apr11_zpsrvpxc5do.png

 photo apr12_zpsv2boi8oc.png

 photo apr13_zpsrnc9xvyq.png

 photo apr14_zpszc9t4w4u.png

 photo apr15_zpseyhhwaik.png

 photo apr16_zpsatk1uhqd.png

 photo apr17_zpswtlwiaww.png

 photo apr18_zps9afmn9vo.png

April fools that's the best Sonic the Hedgehog fanart on the Internet.

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  1. I'm ashamed to admit but I'm on the preggo Liara boat. That scene was just too freaky.