Friday, April 8, 2016

London: How Does This Reflect On Me?

Sorry not sorry for the April Fools joke! Let's continue on with Javik.

 photo las188_zpstzvv7hal.png

 photo las189_zpsoagg9spb.png

 photo las190_zps1aii1n3j.png

 photo las191_zpsyjgi9yxj.png

 photo las192_zpsqx9svdsv.png

 photo las193_zps3acbcw8x.png

 photo las194_zpsx5nhu9cm.png

 photo las196_zpsqnbvrwqw.png

Javik confirmed for hero of Mass Effect Andromeda, pass it on.

 photo las197_zpsaw7vmucb.png

 photo las198_zpspjmz34oa.png

At this point, you can talk to Anderson, EDI or Tali. Anderson advances the plot, though, and I think y'all know me well enough to know that I'll need time to yell at EDI.

 photo las199_zps5f2ej8gg.png

 photo las200_zpsoolqklq5.png

 photo las201_zpsdbpu9gio.png

 photo las202_zpsyhlbq8c2.png

 photo las203_zpsbrbfhtft.png

Come at me, it's true!

 photo las205_zps61hv3adn.png

 photo las206_zpspgl6cumf.png

 photo las207_zps6v1xlunh.png

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