Friday, February 12, 2016

The Absolute Extent of My Artistic Abilities

About ... gee, fifteen years ago? Yes, fifteen or so years in gaming history, if you wanted an incredible cut scene, you went to Square Enix. They were then known as Square. As a video game historian's aside, back then they were called fmv, not cut scenes. It stood for for full motion video, because the game was playing a compressed video instead of running anything in engine. The original Playstation didn't have the juice to render something so impressive as Squall and Rinoa's first dance in real time.

Point being, Bioware can kindly use the mad huge processing power of the XBox 360 (or PS4 if you prefer, or PC if you're gonna be that nerd) to bring us a big ass Final Fantasy style cut scene. Or, at least that's what I think of every time I see this.

This is one of the most impressive cut scenes in the game, I think, so it's only fitting that I shit it down my leg. You're at least getting an extra long MSPixel today, so.

 photo las55_zpssyxldrgv.png

 photo las56_zpsokn57n1d.png

Here we go, coming up on Earth! I can't draw space ships, which is exactly why I'm drawing every scene from a sci fi shooter.

 photo las57_zpsclahxdyt.png

I'm reasonably sure Joker always talks about the turians, the asari and the Alliance. If you solved Rannoch to the satisfaction of all parties, you get a little bit extra:

 photo las58_zpsjcuve15q.png

 photo las59_zpsh2mil9ne.png

 photo las60_zpsvjxdtygr.png

This is the plot of Battlestar Galactica: the humans are at war with a race of robots known as Cylons. The Cylons manage to blow the humans out of the fucking sky, so the humans group together in a ship fleet and attempt to take back their homeworld. The main character is Commander Adama.

Look, I make jokes about this being low budget Star Trek, but --

Yo Joker, who else is ready?

 photo las61_zpsywexkkik.png

 photo las62_zpsmxc85ue9.png

 photo las63_zps0in83ndn.png

 photo las64_zpsa5qkjuyd.png

 photo las65_zpsqj7mni19.png

 photo las66_zpsjgxav6pm.png

 photo las67_zpssl2jjqmx.png

 photo las68_zps1g5yys1p.png

 photo las69_zpsd5kou83e.png

 photo las71_zps77x3hhzw.png

 photo las72_zps5cymmxxr.png

 photo las73_zps07juqodq.png

 photo las74_zpsjfvjnebf.png

 photo las75_zpsmmvlddp5.png

 photo las76_zpsjzbzzuic.png

 photo las70_zps2zcmiiou.png

 photo las77_zpsvfaon2pi.png

Well then, come the fuck on!

... you know the Normandy doesn't fire an entire shot during that whole fucking sequence? Way to be a team player, assholes.

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  1. My joy for this post in infinite!

  2. Hey there in the big fight scene panel, is that some kinda giant space buttplug or is this a Mass Effect based webcomic?

    1. I think you're looking at the asari dreadnoughts. ... I hope so, anyway!