Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Citadel: 184

Today, let's continue to hang out with our squadmates.

Such as Samantha Traynor, who is busy playing space chess.

 photo cdl311_zpsmo4wwhbc.png


It is worth watching the variant of this where Shep and Traynor are dating, because Shepard gets a pretty good burn in.

Oh, and Javik catches up with us.

 photo cdl301_zpstaoeh6mp.png

All right, let's go see what trouble Javik has gotten himself into.

 photo cdl302_zpsjkgpwpmt.png

Oh dear.

So, Javik and Shepard go shoot a scene where they talk to the, err, "citadel council."

 photo cdl304_zpswsnxpnna.png

 photo cdl305_zpsnusz9mua.png

 photo cdl306_zpsqgncvo6h.png

 photo cdl307_zpsebw9uwgt.png

I have somehow gone years and never gotten to Blasto. I'm not sure how!

Blasto, the first hanar spectre, started as a joke on the Bioware Social Network. Bioware stuck some Blasto movie ads in Mass Effect 2, and ... this in Mass Effect 3.

Blasto is completely stupid and horny. In other words, Blasto is total and complete 100% distilled Bioware. Love him. Roll in him.

They keep implying that Blasto movies are for kids, so I thought they were like a Pixar sort of thing? But I guess not.

 photo cdl308_zpshdzp0c3z.png

 photo cdl309_zpshc1d8bki.png

One last thing I love love love about the Blasto movie:

 photo cdl310_zpssyxigz53.png

Vega wants to come over to our apartment.

 photo cdl312_zpsg6xleerg.png


God damn it, Vega, you really are the worst char --

 photo cdl313_zps8evba7h4.png

Are you shitting? Did a character just request that something unhorny happen?


 photo cdl314_zpspmq93okr.png

Today's MSPixel Kids Activity Corner: notice how carefully this scene edited so that Bioware didn't have to animate Vega's shirt coming on and off.

Anyway, Vega begins to leave:

 photo cdl315_zpsaukrevtt.png

I'll tell you a story. I have a condition that I manage by basically training like a triathlete. Like, I'm bad at it, but I work hard, okay?

As part of it, I had to learn to do pull ups. Well, I didn't have to, but it couldn't really hurt. So I bought a pull up bar and did what everyone does when they first get a pull up bar.

 photo cdl316_zpscwqnkheb.png

But, after a long while and many military presses, guess what I can do!

 photo cdl317_zpstukgnpjn.png

Around the time I figured out how to do a pull up, James Vega's Pull Up Challenge came around. I was like, yas.

 photo cdl318_zpse5pmxw7l.png

Shepard can beat James Vega's pull up record via renegade and paragon interrupts. Seriously, you press the triggers on the controller 184 times.

It might take longer, but it is easier than a real pull up.

... for the record, maybe I can do five on a good day. I think ten would kill me. 184 is out of the question. I think maybe someone at Bioware doesn't know how to do a pull up. Which I could believe, given the way they animated Shepard doing them.

I will say that they way Shepard holds herself afterwards is exactly the way you'd look after ten 184 pull ups.

 photo cdl319_zps2jjxhlln.png

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