Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Citadel: I Did Not Just

Hi! This entry is probably as not-work-safe as an MSPainted blog can manage. I'm not even kidding, this is the nastiest thing I've ever drawn. This is your warning.

But first, Shepard's mom is calling.

 photo cdl336_zpsmjpwelmz.png

I wonder if talking to Shepard's mother is like talking to my mother on the telephone?

 photo cdl337_zps4ebeilpm.png

 photo cdl338_zpsl2dc2c9b.png

My mother teaches Kindergarten, I promise she's not in some sort of kiddie water sports porno ring.

Samara also wants to visit us.

 photo cdl339_zpsqs62nyne.png

 photo cdl340_zpsddqhxvdq.png

 photo cdl341_zpszlq7buaa.png

 photo cdl342_zpsnki4fxuw.png

Samara's kind of a drag when she isn't trying to get her kid laid.

Traynor also wants to visit.

 photo cdl343_zpsmnyk04dc.png

Oh we're fucking doing this.

The 'romance' version of this scene features Shepard in her underwear attempting to kill Traynor in the tub and it is still more G rated than what we're about to experience.

 photo cdl344_zpsklnh9g1t.png

Shepard sort of stands out in the hall with her back to Traynor. Does Traynor need a body guard? If someone was showering in my house I'd probably go downstairs and dick around on the computer or something.

 photo cdl345_zpsgcjkurct.png

 photo cdl346_zpsgxdzsopi.png

 photo cdl347_zpso3rwbz3e.png

"Bean, is that the nasty image?" Oh you wait.

 photo cdl348_zps5k7d1fut.png

 photo cdl349_zpsm10nuyjh.png

 photo cdl350_zps41bgo8od.png

look i just draw this shit bioware made it

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  1. I'd thought the adjustable massage wand was a vibe, not a dildo.