Friday, November 25, 2016

Black Friday Special: A Lost Saturday Post

So earlier this year, maybe Marcheque? I broke my computer. I broke the FUCK out of my computer.

I drew this comic about it to explain my absence, and then never published the comic. I don't know either. But given that I broke the fuck out of my tablet recently, maybe you all would enjoy this as your Black Friday bonus.

This story starts, no shitting, with me drawing MSPixel. I listen to podcasts when I draw sometimes, and I love listening to the Retsuprae podcast. In this particular podcast, Slowbeef was talking about Undertale, which I hadn't heard of until this point.

GURL I am HERE for 90s RPG garbage! No one has ever loaded Steam faster.

Undertale or not, I still have to be able to sync my phone to my computer. I couldn't get it done, and Google was no help, so I had to call in back up.

Here's the thing --

Do not ever ask a computer scientist to do anything. They are not qualified. It doesn't matter what the issue is, they are not qualified to even touch the keyboard.

He once told me he couldn't set up our new printer because "that's a hardware thing and he's a software guy."

If pressed, Husbando~ usually offers one solution.

Did you know that there is one operating system, and that system is Linux? He uses Windows at work, I have no idea what his damage is.

I've never been able to get my tablet working on Linux, and also Linux doesn't have MSPaint, so this is a problem. Pissing around the Internet a bit, I discovered that iTunes didn't like my graphics card driver. Weird, it liked it before, but okay. So I updated it.

I hella downloaded the wrong thing. Upon restart, I got this:

This is Windows' fail safe, the system restore. Or system repair. Or something. It's been months. This pops up when Windows can't figure out how to start, and needs to fix some shit. It's supposed to run for a few hours. Mine ran for NINE DAYS.


This is what I think was happening.

We took a closer look at the computer on the ninth evening.

This isn't untrue, the world's biggest spider came along to help. Husbando~ named him Toby the Good Luck Spider.

This isn't untrue, Husbando~ does have a neck beard and a penguin plush.

And thus, my computer ran again. Thanks, Toby the Good Luck Spider!

Can you imagine Husbando~ the next day at work, though?

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