Friday, November 25, 2016

Black Friday Special: The Synthesis Ending

OKAY SO as you'll recall, my tablet is dead. Amazon swears I'll have a new one "by 8 PM tonight", but Amazon is also the prince of lies so we'll see about that.

I have a regular length comic for you. (You'll probably guess why it's not Black Friday double length when you see it.) But, it would break my heart to leave you all without a big fat Black Friday special, so here's what you're getting today:

  • Today's tabletless MSPixel
  • A bonus comic that I had sitting on my hard drive and never published because ????
  • IF Amazon gets me my new tablet in something resembling a timely manner and IF I get it plugged in and working, I'll do a second bonus comic. That's a lot of ifs though, so if Amazon sends me a box of newspapers or the tablet doesn't work with Windows 10 or something else dumb, enjoy your other Black Friday gifts.
Remember, only children who promise to stay home and not get shot get the MSPixel Black Friday specials! Let's begin. Last we left, the Star Child thought of something else to tell Shepard.

(... okay, so I know how to do "space" in MSPaint, but this was what I came up with doing it by hand. No one promised you good art.)

We don't normally see anything about synthesis unless our reputation (paragon and renegade together) is high enough. Since we did all the DLCs, it's through the roof.

That's not the best visual representation, but it's hard to depict actual living bullshit.

It ... it's not, buddy. It's not.

That's the one line in the whole ending that maybe isn't horse shit if you read some of the extended media. Fair, Bioware. Fair.



    This is the one thing my husband and I will never agree on. I argue that it's bullshit space magic, he argues that it's the best way to win without killing all the robots. To which my response is, sometimes you can't save a galaxy without killing a few robots. Sorry EDI.

  2. IDK, man, I think the watercolour and crayon is really cute in a way, actually.

  3. um actually (pushes glasses up nose) it's your EMS - "Effective Military Strength" as displayed at the bottom of the Crucible control panel in the War Room - that determines whether the Control option is available, not your reputation rating. an understandable mistake since reputation also accumulates along with EMS as you do side quests but- ehm. (turns red and shies away)

    aaaaaaanyway, I think your watercolour and crayon art is totally awesome and I want to try to make some now! Did it take very much longer to do than the tablet art? I was actually very amazed when I saw it after your introduction about the broken tablet!