Friday, November 18, 2016


I think my tablet has bitten the dust, which is pretty consistent with "Bean kills a tablet once per game." :/ I'm not even sure what I do to them. It doesn't encourage me to buy an expensive one, though, if I just kill them.

Want teacher to just put on a movie? I know something we can talk about.

I haven't gotten to dig into much Andromeda news, because I've been busy drawing and yelling at another game, ahem.

This was the N7 Day Andromeda trailer. I don't like this trailer either, because like I said, I feel like at this point we should have some actual game play. You can't prove that Andromeda isn't actually an RTS or a city building sim and we're five months out. There's salarians in that trailer, though, if you look hard enough.

Game Informer has a series of Andromeda videos, this might be the most notable:

I have n o i d e a how to draw that motherfucker D: D: D: D: D: I'm pretending the art director at Bioware was drawing this guy like "bahahahha, fuck YOU MSPixel lady."

I really wasn't sold on the kett until that last shot though. The naked versions kind of look like turians with holes in their chests. I like the green, though, not much is green in the Mass Effect universe. It's usually red or blue, you know, super hero colors with a lot of black or white added in. (Unbelievably I could probably write a novel on the art direction of Mass Effect, since I've spent years peeing on it.)

Game Informer also has a video on "sexy vehicle design", and I'm not clicking on that. Goddamnit, Bioware.

Hey, have you heard about this one?

It would be cool if they stream it! They won't stream it, but I'd watch it if they did.

I'm looking at tablets now ... they don't make my old monoprice one any more, but there's some bomb ass upgrades which would be pretty cool. However, Amazon has a wacom which is cheaper than some of the monoprice ones. Do you think that would be a good idea? I've avoided wacom thusfar because come on, I use MSPaint, not Photoshop. I don't need 1200 layers of pressure, 19 hot keys and something something bamboo. I need something that won't break.

... the wacom does have a wireless kit, though, and it's the wires that tend to go sideways on me ....

So, uh, either talk to me about Andromeda in the comments or about tablets, and hope that somebody ships me something fast D: D: D: D: D:

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