Friday, September 9, 2016

Citadel: Family

Hi, this post has scary things in it, I didn't censor them out. There's your warning.

(Also, Photobucket has become unusable for me because the ads get in the way. I'm trying Imgur, but it's behaving poorly too. Tell me if there's some kind of problem!)

Anyway, back on the Citadel with The Illusive Man:

Remember, always blue option Brother TIM.

If you didn't know it by now, here you go, TIM's indoctrinated. He's been for a while, at least ever since we've seen him in the games.

Of course, if you read Ascension you knew that, or if you paid attention to Cronos Station.

Or if you just noticed how he's all "ooooo let's control some shit oooooo," that is also a big giant blinking clue.

Yeah, Shepard, just like you can break TIM'S hold on you right now! Oh wait.

Shepard manages to limp over the console and open the Citadel arms.

And thus Hackett docks the crucible in the Citadel.

I have done this blog for how many years and I can't draw the Citadel?

... let's not fuck around, I can't draw anything. Such as touching scenes with our commanding officer while he bleeds out:

What indeed.


  1. I think you did that touching moment just fine.

    Nobody promised us good art.

  2. Speaking of "what's going on at Bioware" did you see the announcement that the male and female versions of the ME: Andromeda protagonist (Ryder) are actually siblings that exist simultaneously in the game world? My guess is that whichever Ryder sibling you play, you'll probably end up tracking down the other one.