Friday, August 26, 2016

Citadel: Brother TIM

 photo las419_zpsrmuu11nn.png

Remember when the keepers were going to be important? Oh how I laugh.

Anyway, we're trying to hunt out Anderson.

 photo las420_zps6iv7dwgd.png

I like to think it's here.

 photo las421_zpsl3e1fpor.png

 photo las422_zpsdyfqho12.png

 photo las423_zpsianpioa3.png

 photo las424_zpsxmlwfag2.png

 photo las425_zpsg6lqhsdv.png

Don't forget, we always blue option out TIM. Or red if you prefer, but you're getting blue.

 photo las426_zps2imdxpce.png

 photo las427_zpsw1ucrv2a.png

 photo las428_zpsdaulibup.png

 photo las429_zpsuo1nb0hz.png

 photo las430_zpsctmqo4oy.png

 photo las431_zpslfdlj3l0.png

 photo las432_zpsaqlyrjxx.png

 photo las433_zpsgdl4cm6l.png

 photo las434_zps9ioaxhv1.png


  1. I know I can use the Crucible to control the Reapers. It must be able to, cause nothing in the lore of a series ass-full on lore says so yet. Therefore, I'm right, and willing to risk most of the life in the galaxy on my frivolous assumptions.

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