Friday, August 5, 2016

London: We're Not In London Any More, Dorothy

 photo las402_zpstx2e0v4x.png

Aboard the Crucible.

Actually, wasn't Hackett aboard the Normandy? I'm confused.

 photo las403_zpsdhngbtl3.png

I don't care what bridge you think this is.

 photo las404_zpsawsr6n8c.png

 photo las405_zpsnhbwf7bs.png

It's weird to me!

Anyway, you want to see some comedy?

 photo las406_zpsdki0zb9j.png

This cut scene is fucking funny.

 photo las407_zpsjsszghvp.png

It's hard to do in a drawing, Shepard's just dumped up on the reaper's ship.

 photo las408_zpsonkd4xhj.png

 photo las409_zpsfs3r3y26.png

(That would so be me if I were onboard an alien ship full of dead bodies.)

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happy weekend~

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  1. This is as elegant as we could possibly hope this 4 year long epic to conclude with.