Friday, July 1, 2016

London: I Mean What I Say About Major Coats

 photo las348_zpsukbvjuts.png

So was it just my game, or does Shepard's omnitool clip through her head in this cut scene?

 photo las349_zpsvclv2km9.png

 photo las350_zpsaco5tt9c.png

 photo las351_zpsjwvlawjo.png

Bioware swore up and down that you'd be able to play Mass Effect 3 without the other two Mass Effects. I mean, I guess you can hold the controller and punch buttons, so it's not untrue.

Major Coats weighs in too, but,

 photo las352_zps8bzzsk0s.png

It's not like his ass is useful.

 photo las353_zpsanipcm87.png

While they're driving, well, so is Hackett.

 photo las354_zpsm60yorjz.png

 photo las355_zpsh5apyy47.png

"Piloting a giant dick towards Earth: The Bioware Urmyth."

No, but check this out, this is cool:

 photo las356_zpsn4poxwnp.png

Reapers just streaming all the fuck up outta Earth. That's a lot of dead organic life converted into reaper sperm!

Meanwhile, in the shuttle,

 photo las357_zpsdhd9jaov.png

 photo las358_zps7uxuqc3s.png

 photo las359_zps68r1ccy7.png

 photo las360_zps6b6yud9z.png

 photo las361_zpsvohxu4vx.png

 photo las362_zps0oehlbtl.png

(It took me forever to come up with how to draw a shuttle crash. It tasked me. I don't like the solution I came up with.)

 photo las363_zpsk3lm3w4b.png

Meanwhile, this is one of the coolest scenes in the game, and props to the Bioware art team for composing it:

 photo las364_zpskswlcnjy.png

It is my joy and honor to utterly ruin it.

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