Friday, August 21, 2015

Citadel: A Mario Party

"Jesus Christ, you're still drawing? You're awful, Bean. When will God stop your sinful hand?" Okay, about that.

I am having some kind of weird hand problem. It's not that they hurt, it's that they don't work right. You can imagine that this is making drawing hard.

I am going to the doctor today, so don't worry about my hands too much. Here's what my broke hands mean to you: you get half an MSPixel today, and half an MSPixel on Saturday. You heard me right, you're getting MSPixel on Saturday.

Assuming the doctor doesn't tell me anything goofy, the plan may be to keep throwing small MSPixels at you guys until I get this whole hand thing figured out. That might mean MSPixel on Sunday for you. Or Monday. I'm not making huge promises, I'm just pointing out that you're getting a pretty damn good deal, all in all.

So let's start the party, what do you say!

 photo cdl413_zpseupbmn1n.png

 photo cdl414_zpsyk1g2xdp.png

 photo cdl415_zpsupbk40yw.png

Wait, won't we mess up Anderson's apartment? I can imagine Shepard being hyper paranoid.

 photo cdl416_zpsw3nbe1zo.png

 photo cdl417_zpspqtw2rsq.png

 photo cdl418_zpsw0d1hqm5.png

 photo cdl419_zpsoxdhzvop.png

 photo cdl420_zpsbgbb9mxl.png

 photo cdl421_zpsyziwofqi.png

 photo cdl422_zpsmc8se8if.png

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  1. I hope you feel better!! You need good hands for art n stuff.