Friday, May 22, 2015

Citadel: Ey Yo

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This is your daily reminder that Mass Effect is the horniest game ever printed on disc.

Anyway, we're still booking through dem archives.

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Always a good sign.

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"Wow, Bean, that's weird that they keep including scenes where Shepard has to scan her hand to verify her credentials, and it's weird that you keep including every single one of those scenes." It sure is.

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I love Shepard. You know what Shepard tries to do next?

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Just ... that makes total sense to her. "Huh. Unwinnable scenario. Time for pistol!"

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Yeah, no, the Mass Effect Foundations series? Totally spoils that plot point. Today's fun activity corner is going back through the MSPixeled Foundations comics and seeing where I wrote Brooks out.

Another fun fact about Brooks:

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So let us consult the dialogue wheel as to what to do next.

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That's really in the game, PS.

Brooks has a lovely cutscene outlining why she's the bad guy: she stole Shepard's spectre codes at the sushi restaurant, she shot the casino owner before we had a chance to see him, so on, so on.

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OG Shep best Shep, but Clone Shep is not a bad Shep. Anyone who agrees with me about EDI is good people.

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Clone Shepard walks over to a console.

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Clone Shepard speeds off, and the, uh, capsule thing Shep et all are trapped in zips off and locks itself in a vault. The vault is visually stunning, allow myself to shit it down my leg.

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The umbrella line may be my favorite line in the game, but "Nobody steals my ship, not even me!" might be a good second.

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