Friday, May 15, 2015

Party In The Citadel Archives

In the Citadel archives, they've got big ass holograms full of Mass Effect history.

 photo cdl172_zpsls9c5ut5.png

Most of them are glitched out, so I don't even know what the fuck we're doing here.

Some of them display important events in Mass Effect history.

 photo cdl173_zpswqbis7uv.png

Wait, hold on.

 photo cdl174_zpsb6k4ycbv.png

The thing is, if you're an avid MSPixel reader, or even if you paid a piss amount of attention during the series, you're probably familiar with the information in the holograms. They're not that interesting.

It would have been cool to have a few holograms from the books, but the holograms are all supposed to be moments in Citadel history. Not much happens in the books on the Citadel.

 photo cdl175_zpsjgfnhwgh.png

Anyway, let's shoot the fuck out of some guys.

 photo cdl176_zpsgjur9ee3.png

 photo cdl177_zpsrwbopfds.png

 photo cdl178_zpsfixbhzxy.png

You remember when I said the archive holograms were uninteresting? I mostly just lied. There's one that's kind of cool.

 photo cdl179_zpsgi1m2zsr.png

 photo cdl180_zpsag04cnca.png

I never understood why the council was so hellbent on covering up what happened in the Battle of the Citadel when everyone literally saw it with their own eyes.

Hey, here's one for you. Why is all of this data stored on hologram? You need a spectre code to even get in here, it's not like it's a museum.

Shit, where'd the clone go? We need to talk to Glyph.

 photo cdl181_zpsgrvxvscx.png

 photo cdl182_zpsfrgedhel.png

That's the best drawing I can do of Glyph going through a door.

... hey, can Glyph go through doors? Can holograms just pass through walls like that?

 photo cdl183_zpsbtx6ia4x.png

 photo cdl184_zpsc6cqidpw.png

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