Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Citadel: Chase That Clone!

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Gurl you did not just threaten our fucking ship.

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Something I've always wondered: why didn't Shepard just block Clone Shepard's call? Unless maybe all the jokes I've made over the years about Shepard not even being able to check her own email weren't really jokes.

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All right, Vega, even though you're the worst squadmate, we'll all go chase after Clone Shepard.

This mission is the opposite of Arrival. Not only do you have everyone with you (Shepard divides them up into Team Mako and Team Hammerhead), but no one, at any point, shuts up for any reason at all.

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I briefly considered making this entire entry twenty images of everyone slinging shit at each other, but I wasn't actually sure how enjoyable it would have been.

It's actually hard to catch all the audio on this level, as well as, you know, not die. I'm sure someone on YouTube has done it, I'll look into it.

Meanwhile, let's roll up to the archives proper.

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omg you guys synthetic life is the best and totally worth saving

Make sure you look at the set as you walk around the level. You should be able to catch the other squadmates running around.

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Ey, who didn't forget Sonic this time? This bitch.

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Shit! We gotta go fast!

Shepard rolls up on Team Mako ... Hammerhead ... um, I get them mixed up, I think it's Hammerhead that needs rescuing. Shepard gets everyone out and safe.

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... aww, fuck, what the hell are we supposed to --

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  1. Just for the record, I would LOVE to have all the team's comments! XD I actually tried leaving goons alive on purpose, just so I could hear more comments in the first battle. They almost had me rolling right off the couch, the first time I played.