Friday, February 6, 2015

Sanctuary: I Make Nerds Mad

I must have said this at some point, but I like to imagine what Shep and Company talk about as they go on missions.

 photo san33_zpshlzktrtb.png

It's also worth noting that I know next to nothing about Dr. Who.

Nor do I care.

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So that's going on, Miranda's chillaxing in cover and Miranda's dad is all taking Oriana hostage.

 photo san37_zps4byp9he7.png

 photo san38_zpsrzytcgfx.png

... well, fuck, we missed out on Kai Leng.

 photo san39_zpsqvqurni0.png

That was, uh, the best way I could think of to show that I took the blue option. It sort of doesn't matter what option you pick, because:

 photo san40_zpsed6mbxan.png

 photo san41_zpsp7fftdqb.png

... Miranda rolls up from behind and punks his ass out a window.

A plot hole for your consideration: Oriana and Miranda are genetic twins, ergo, Oriana should likely have been a biotic too. Right? Is that shit genetic? Even if it isn't, Miranda probably got her biotic abilities from her dad exposing her fetus to eezo. So if Oriana was grown to be Miranda's successor, shouldn't she have had the same exposure? Unless maybe she just didn't have a biotic amp.

Point being, you'd have to go through some gymnastics to get to a scenario where Oriana isn't biotic, ergo, she likely is. Ergo, she should have had enough power to just chuck Henry Lawson through the damn window herself.

 photo san42_zpsbhgjx7xc.png

 photo san43_zpsnotqvyna.png

 photo san44_zpsaxmiog8m.png

Wow! That's so cool! Thanks Miranda!

"Hey, Bean, is there any other way this scenario can play out?" As a matter of fact there is!

 photo san45_zpsl2dtqnff.png

Miranda can die here. Hell, she's very likely to die here. If she wasn't loyal from Mass Effect 2? She ded. If you were a dude and you did the do with her in ME2, but then didn't do the do with her in ME3? She ded.

Also, I remember specifically telling you that you have to talk to Miranda every time she wants to talk. There's three separate Miranda conversations that you have to get through to warn her about Kai Leng. If she knows? She's good, she lives. If you mess up and don't warn her, Kai Leng will pop her, and then she ded.

You'll be very glad she's alive in the next section. Hell, I'm just happy my ME2 homie's alive and well!

 photo san46_zps1n2gpdus.png

Another tracer? How dumb is Kai Leng? How has he not noticed?! This is probably what he looks like at this point:

 photo san47_zpslviagqcz.png

... That ... that's Kai Leng under a pile of tracers.

No one promised you good art.

NEXT TIME: Don't lie, we've got one more DLC to go and it's the one you were waiting for me to do.

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  1. It's always fascinating, how that not-so-super-realistic artstyle manages to perfectly bring across all the emotions - and also that permanent 'I really don't give a fuck' mentality never gets old :D