Friday, September 5, 2014

Admiral Korris

I never get to do opening comics any more. Let's do an opening comic.

 photo kor1_zps1f87d197.png

 photo kor2_zps785ae11c.png

HOLY SHIT that just happened.

Hi, everyone, this is Mass Effect, the Horniest Game, in which robots just call up all like, "Ey yo, dem titties. This game won eleven awards, six of which were, "Best Game Of The Year," and the characters start conversations with, "You gots big booberies."

 photo kor3_zpsf7a192db.png

"Bean, I think you're kidding about EDI being the end of us all." I think I'm not.

Let's move on, Admiral Raan needs a favor.

 photo kor4_zps9ff346fc.png

 photo kor5_zps504ee058.png

Ooo, gurl, we goin' to Rannoch! Let's take Tali, I bet she'll enjoy it.

I bet Cortez can get that tower out. Then we can grab Korris and go home quickly!

 photo kor6_zps87272c29.png

 photo kor7_zpsd8b79f19.png

okay new plan

Shep decides to take out the guns blocking the comm tower so that Cortez can take out the comm tower, thus allowing us to speak with Korris. Got all that? Maybe draw a diagram.

By the way, everyone tends to cite spoilerplanet as the prettiest in the Mass Effect series, but for my money? It's night time Rannoch. I mean, hell, just look at the blues. They're so nice. Check out the ocean, too.

 photo kor8_zps3fbf37f7.png

Yeah, just look at all of that. Take it in. Take in my art skills.

 photo kor10_zpsb01de332.png

Oh, Gabris. Or in the French, Gabree.

This level actually works a lot like a multiplayer mission. Shepard will wander up to a console, all,

 photo kor11_zps4e6afa7c.png

... I would be remiss if I didn't mention the easter egg that happens here if you bring along Vega.

As you shoot down all the geth and make your way to the other gun, you'll come across a scene with another dying quarian.

 photo kor12_zps367cb1c4.png

Anyway, the other gun.

 photo kor14_zpscc01ba22.png

I die a lot less when Tali deals with the guns. I don't know why, I thought she'd stand around and hack and throw bots fast enough to help me out? I think it has more to do with Garrus melting the face off of everything with that Prothean rifle.

The game provides you a geth turret if you want it, but:

 photo kor13_zps34454d53.png

vanguard fo lyfe

Once Tali gets the guns down, it's Cortez's turn!

 photo kor15_zpsb04db45f.png

Perf. Let's call Korris.

 photo kor16_zps5388b513.png

 photo kor17_zps1db0a229.png

... I don't get this. I'll be honest, I don't get a lot of the strategy stuff in Mass Effect 3. He can't stay with the civilians because ... ? But they'll die without him? But he isn't going to follow them?

Either way, Shepard's got to talk this dipshit down.

 photo kor18_zps821b3803.png

I don't know if you have to paragon option him out, necessarily, but I do know that the better option is to choose Korris over the civilians. It'll make sense in a later mission. (I had to be told that, my first instinct was to safe the civilians!)

 photo kor19_zps1d40a5d4.png

We've got to provide cover for Korris to get to the shuttle. The game wants you to shoot out of the shuttle with an onboard turret.

... where the hell did the turret come from?

 photo kor20_zps0c4f9b13.png

 photo kor21_zps59498717.png

So anyway, fuck this part. I can't hit the broad side of a barn to begin with, but then this shit starts up. Do you know what the playing field looks like?

 photo kor22_zps915974da.png

The geth are blue, Rannoch is blue, Korris is blue, you can't see shit. I just kind of aimed wherever I saw bullets. Do you know how many times I shot Korris?

Husbando~ tried to help, but,

 photo kor23_zpsaee30e4a.png

 photo kor24_zpscc5be905.png

So eventually you get that turd on the ship, just as a geth shoots through the shuttle doors. How the hell does a geth miss? Shouldn't they be, like, super good at targeting and math and junk?

 photo kor25_zps26644d71.png

 photo kor26_zps64e6fedf.png

Oh man, and you can tell by the look on his face that -- oh shit, wait.

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