Friday, January 27, 2017

Mass Effect 3's Final Bow

So. Let's begin.

They have a memorial wall on the Normandy for the characters that have died. We never discussed it too much because I was always trying to hide who died.

Nerds were sad over the fate of the Normandy, the original ending never addressed what happened to it. The extended cut, however:

The extended cut shows the Normandy fixed and happily jetting off from Brazil.

Of course, the Normandy is filled to the brim with reaper tech, which isn't supposed to work in the ending, so there's that.

And now, to the Mass Effectian future, to a far off planet --

The BioWare art team ... probably ran out of time? I'm guessing? But they put an image here that they got off of DeviantArt.

So I thought I'd get smart and draw the DeviantArt logo but SURPRISE I can't draw it. You got me this time, BioWare Art Team.

On the planet:

Soooooo ... the whole game was supposed to be this old asshole telling his grandson Shepard's exploits. Uh. Excepting that that's cheesy and stupid af, did no one at BioWare give this even ten seconds worth of thought?!

So. I've tied up every last end but one.

Which is exactly why I'm going to fuck with this shit instead.



No, but forreal, there is one last loose end.

If you pick the destroy ending, and your EMS is high enough, Shepard lives.

Even though she's kept alive from Mass Effect 2 with reaper technology and the Star Child explicitly says she probably won't make it.

There's something that I've always wondered about the ending: wouldn't someone have to find Shepard for her to survive? Who does that?

There is one last character.

And now, dear everyone,

It has been my honor and privilege to be your MSPal over the years.

Do not think that I'm done. For one, Andromeda comes. For two, there's actually Mass Effect that I haven't drawn, if you can believe.

For three, I have surprises for you! You get surprises, that's not so bad.

We'll talk about your surprises on Monday. You're coming back, right? I want to see all of you here! Don't make me ride a horse to your house.

And, um, someone link me to some Andromeda news. I haven't been able to keep up, I've been drawing garbage instead.

... I haven't figured out how to draw Ryder yet, I'm petrified.


  1. Gone but not forgotten, Shepard is riding with the angels now...

  2. Omg I can't believe it's over! What a ride! I'm so glad you showed the last scene where Shepard survives, I totally didn't get all teared up at that at all. I can't wait to see how you handle Andromeda, oh boy...